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Hero Image

Survivorship Today

In a new online episode, two-time Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown takes time to explore with people the realities of living with advanced-stage cancer.

Our Culture

Our Culture

We work every day to transform the lives of patients. Passion, innovation, accountability and inclusion ground our work, unite our community and drive our mission forward.

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Meet the leadership team committed to delivering innovative medicines to our patients.

A Day in the Life: Leader of the Organization for Latino Achievement

A Day in the Life: Leader of the Organization for Latino Achievement

Leticia Ferri steps into new People & Business Resource Group role.

Cambridge: A Culture of Collaboration

Cambridge: A Culture of Collaboration

The team in the company’s newest R&D site has the potential to do something great.

News & Perspectives

There’s More to Do For Patients

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Giovanni Caforio reflects on a strong presence at?the American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting.

Meet Our Leaders

Samit Hirawat

Get to know the new Chief Medical Officer overseeing the Global Drug Development organization.


Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

Since 1999, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation has worked with partners to provide care and support for communities in Africa affected by HIV and cancer through the?SECURE THE FUTURE??initiative.

Looking for Answers?

Quick links to helpful resources.

Clinical Trial Information for Researchers

Clinical trials and research are a critical part of bringing new medicines to patients.

Medical Information for Healthcare Providers

Information and resources to assist with caring for patients.

Help Paying for Your Medicines

If you are a patient in the U.S. struggling to understand your coverage or pay for your medication, we may be able to help.