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Job Seekers

Together, we make the difference.

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e’re creating innovative medicines for patients fighting serious diseases. We’re also nurturing our own diverse team with inspiring work and challenging career options. No matter the role, each one of us makes a contribution. And that makes all the difference.

Job Search

Exciting news – we have improved the experience for candidates searching for career opportunities with Bristol-Myers Squibb. To access our new job search tool, please use the search fields below.?

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Working with Us

A clear purpose. An inclusive culture. The chance to work at the top of your field. These are just a few of the reasons Bristol-Myers Squibb is the right choice for your next career move. See our latest awards and recognitions and read more about how we ensure our employees are thriving both inside and outside the office.
 Global Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Our workforce is globally diverse to create an inclusive, high-performance culture that is agile, entrepreneurial, and accountable.

Resources for Job Seekers

Search & Apply

Do real world work that matters.

We Are a Global Company

Where we are located across the globe.?


Our company is represented on the LinkedIn professional network.